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TRIRIGA Implementations, upgrades, customization, performance,  QA testing and support can now be provided by our SME teams.


Consider having a TRIRIGA solution that simply works as expected.

Your organization can now have certified developers to not only help implement a TRIRIGA solution but can also implement DevOps process.

Customer satisfaction and stability for clients is our goal.

Let Slate Fire SME teams help you be successful in 2020!

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TRIRIGA DevOps Solution

Powered by Slate Fire INFINITY

Achieve DevOps and plan for Disaster Recovery

of your TRIRIGA ecosystem!

Slate Fire's INFINITY based TRIRIGA Solutions are designed specifically for TRIRIGA to enhance it's ease-of-use and offer a significant ROI in the first year.  Your organization can affect business market share directly by implementing a built-in DevOps process. Competitors are moving fast to increase speed of product delivery with DevOps methodologies.    TRIRIGA DevOps will improve visibility and governance, while Project teams focus on work in progress and maintain system stability.  Enjoy automation of installations, object migrations, and upgrades with 100% Quality Assurance; while reducing the financial burden associated to these currently manual tasks.  INFINITY will identify all customization's in your TRIRIGA environment; and then confirm all customization's transferred identically to a new TRIRIGA instance with 100% QA.  Ask about TRIRIGA APM to access Metrics, Visualizations, and reports all in one TRIRIGA Dashboard.

TRIRIGA Automation Solution

Powered by Slate Fire INFINITY

Automation of TRIRIGA Upgrades, Installations and Object Migrations

Did you ever wonder how much time and money your Enterprise could recover if  your TRIRIGA ecosystem evolved to use automation with 100% QA Testing?


Achieve what seems impossible with our TRIRIGA Automation Solution.  TRIRIGA Automation provides more dependable releases, scheduled and planned with the ability to recover from disasters. 

Since IBM TRIRIGA services a variety of industries and its data and platforms are constantly changing, automation is key to maintaining and streamlining new processes, new platforms, and new upgrades.

Regardless what type of information it is handling, whether it is financial reports, government  regulation updates, or property management documentation, one can trust that TRIRIGA  Automation is working swiftly and accurately across the board. 


Powered by Slate Fire INFINITY

One TRIRIGA Dashboard:

Manage, Monitor, Metrics, Analytics, Reports

Did you ever hope to get optimal performance out of your TRIRIGA Processes?

TRIRIGA APM Solution is designed to achieve optimal performance of your entire TRIRIGA ecosystem.  TRIRIGA APM reveals a visual representation of what business logic exists in your TRIRIGA systems.  

TRIRIGA APM Dashboard allows the TRIRIGA Administrator to addresses workflow processes, connect multiple admin consoles to one another, and monitor or manage processes from one TRIRIGA specific dashboard. Easily track transactions that span multiple databases, operating systems, and application platforms.  Track, monitor and report against Developers and modifications across all objects. TRIRIGA APM provides insight into both business execution and operations which enable decisions to be made with the knowledge of true system metrics. 


When connected with TRIRIGA DevOps Solution your TRIRIGA Administrators are empowered to succeed.