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Features and Benefits:

TRIRIGA License Manager will track and monitor usage of software licenses in your TRIRIGA system.  Our License Manager Solution is an automated system to present administrators with usages of Tririga licenses.  


The License Administrator will set thresholds and have the ability to limit access to TRIRIGA when using a customized alternate login page requires professional services to implement.  Alternate login is only available for systems that do not have Multi Factor Authentication enabled.  In the event access in denied due to thresholds settings for licenses, the user will see a pop-up message such as, "no license available at this time, please contact Administrator for access".  This notification allows time for the administrator to reallocate an unused license or look at metrics provided and determine the need to purchase additional TRIRIGA licenses. Reports are generated and emailed to Administrators on a predetermined schedule.


When connected with our DevOps Solution, the TRIRIGA License Manager communicates metrics to the INFINITY database which allows for reporting and the ability to look back at historical data.  Review of the metrics generated will provide valuable insight to the needs of your Enterprise.  When used with our APM Solution all access is 

TRIRIGA License Manager


Purchase Options for:

 On-premises, Enterprise Cloud or Hybrid

Fully hosted by Slate Fire also available upon request.

TRIRIGA License Manager
 Single Administrator Access
 per License Agreement 
USD billed annually
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TRIRIGA License Manager
Slate Fire INFINITY's Sambuca
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Who is watching out for your TRIRIGA investment?

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Monitor your TRIRIGA software licenses with Slate Fire's Sambuca TRIRIGA License Monitor Solution and eliminate the possibility of unexpected license usage fees.  

Keep track of your TRIRIGA license usage!

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