TRIRIGA Automation Solution

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Features and Benefits:

TRIRIGA Automation Solution will eliminate the need for manual installations and allow automated migration of packages from source to destination server(s).  Our Automation is exponentially faster than manual installs, in one instance, overall time reduced from 15 hours to 15 minutes.  Automation of the installation process using a continuous delivery approach ensures reliably released software at any time you choose.  Receive continuous environment feedback while tracking changes and trends. Meta data can be error free after import to destination server(s) with the Quality Assurance Testing built into the solution. 

Project costs for installations and patches will be greatly reduced while removing human errors and adding improved repeat-ability. Automation of Installs and Object Migrations provides more dependable releases, scheduled and planned with the ability to recover from disasters. 

What can TRIRIGA Automation do for your Enterprise?

Evolve to use TRIRIGA Automation and ensure the health of your TRIRIGA Ecosystem with 100% QA built into our solution.

IPA diagram.JPG

IPA = Installation Process Automation

  • Web Servers are installed automatically.

  • TRIRIGA Automation installs are available for Windows or Linux OS. 

  • Master server manages TRIRIGA builds and migrates to nodes.

  • App Servers are installed automatically.

  • Manual processes are replaced with dependable processes.

  • Reporting and Alerts are included in OOB configuration.

  • TRIRIGA Database Schema is setup automatically.

  • Customer downtime is greatly reduced.

  • Project team member can focus on work in progress.

  • Reduces financial burden associated to these currently manual tasks.

  • Easily integrate to other CI/CD systems.

There are no limits to the systems abilities if the projects are controlled and allowed to be continuously running and planned based on analysis from Slate Fire’s reporting and metrics.

OPA = Object Migration Process Automation

  • Replicate user actions needed before and after object migration.

  • Perform complex renaming steps in application.

  • Update system configurations in admin console and database.

  • Complete renames at database level or in the application.

  • Process sequential packages and pause for verification.

  • Report errors found in application and database.

  • Provide output from logs to external systems and email(s).

  • Scheduled or Adhoc processes.

  • Retry logic built into OOB configurations for OPA.

  • Archive object before import of new objects.

  • Create Data Modeler output from current Business Logic (customization's). 

TRIRIGA Automation Solution

What is TRIRIGA Automation?

Did you ever hope to get 100% QA with Installs and Object Migrations?


TRIRIGA Automation Solution enables rapid deployment of Tririga across multiple servers, increases deployment frequency to the database,  and continuously monitors installations, resolves errors, and notifies authorized administrators.


Object Migrations replicate user actions needed before and after object migrations.   TRIRIGA Automation provides more dependable releases, scheduled and planned with the ability to recover from disasters.


Since IBM TRIRIGA services a variety of industries and its data and platforms are constantly changing, automation is key to maintaining and streamlining new processes, new platforms, and new upgrades.  Regardless of the type of information it is handling, whether it is financial reports, governmental regulation updates, or property management documentation, one can trust that TRIRIGA Automation is working swiftly and accurately across the board.

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