INFINITY’s Software Suite includes a built-in DevOps environment and offers the ability to implement a disaster recovery process that does not require hours of meetings and staff time to manage. 

INFINITY’s Software Suite solves problems quickly, fixes issues automatically as they occur, and stays on top of customers’ needs. Continuous testing helps reduce the risk of deploying poor-quality software into production.

There are no limits to the systems abilities if the projects are controlled and allowed to be continuously running and planned based on analysis from Slate Fire’s reporting and metrics.

Your organization can know how many man hours are spent working in your environments and what objects are modified by your developers. This allows to adjust project timelines and realize actual development time expected for each customization.

Business Logic evaluation by INFINITY will identify all current customization's to your Tririga systems; and then confirm all customization's transferred identically to a new Tririga instance with 100% QA.

INFINITY captures a snapshot at the start of your project and multiple times throughout the DevOps cycle, analysis of this data notifies you in advance of system or process limitations and provides the QA status throughout time.

The amount of data and processes managed by INFINITY is truly INFINITE!


Slate Fire's TRIRIGA Solutions