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Professional Services, DevOps, Application Performance Management and Automation specifically created to enhance TRIRIGA ecosystems

Slate Fire LLC created TRIRIGA Solutions specifically to enhance TRIRIGA.  It is possible to achieve optimal performance with the use of TRIRIGA Automation, DevOps and APM.

Streamline TRIRIGA implementations, improve optimization, validate migrations, and quickly reduce overall costs throughout all aspects of TRIRIGA.  Organizations can build more agile teams and smarter systems using continuous delivery, continuous integration, and rapid development processes.

Both platform and application Upgrades are easier as Business Logic evaluation by TRIRIGA APM will identify all current customization's to your TRIRIGA systems; and then confirm customizations transferred identically to a new TRIRIGA instance with 100% Quality Assurance. 

Project teams using INFINITY will deliver more frequently, at less risk, and be able to focus on the solution they are creating.  Stake holders get feedback faster from the end users and can monitor processes on a day to day basis. 

Use INFINITY until deployment becomes an integral part of the business process and competitiveness of your enterprise.  

Automation is the future for Tririga! 

Slate Fire LLC is now an IBM Partner and we look forward to engaging with others about Tririga Automation. Our software automates installations, object migrations, and upgrades; while reducing the financial burden associated to these currently manual tasks.

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TRIRIGA Solutions

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